Lessons and training

There is no magical recipe that fits everyone. We use many different methods and training aids to help you understand your golf, and improve where it matters the most.

We have a professional golf background, was educated under the Danish PGA, and have taken numerous courses including Leadbetter Golf academy, we use the newest techniques for training. This includes video training, which greatly helps the human brain to understand body movement. We also provide exercises to enable you to change what is not correct in your swing. A good golf score is achieved when there are no weak links in your game. Thus, putting and chipping are just as important as drives and iron shots!

We will help you analyze the weak links. This will put you on the fast track to better scores. We also complete your training and education for the Green Card. Contact us or feel free to book a lesson on this site.

Lesson price list (PRACTICE BALLS NOT INCLUDED – please buy before the lesson):

Lesson type Duration Price
(incl. 17% VAT)
Standard 30 min 40 €
Double 60 min 75 €
Triple 90 min 105 €
Become a pro 120 min 130 €
Junior standard 30 min 30 €
Junior double 60 min 60 €
On course playing, 1 person 120 min 125 €
On course playing, 2 persons 120 min 155 €

* Practice balls not included

No show or overdue cancellation is charged 50%. For group lessons (more than two persons) etc, please contact us.

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